These terms of service govern the use of the Platform SMS MENSAGENS, hereinafter referred to as "Platform". By accessing it, you, hereinafter referred to as "User", you sign and agree to the terms below.

TARGET VIRTUAL MARKETING & COMUNICAÇÃO LTDA-ME, a private company, registered with the CNPJ under no. 22.920.291/0001-79, headquartered in São Paulo-SP/Brazil, Rua Marquês de Cascais, Brooklin, 278, CEP 04557- 030, hereinafter referred to as "SMS MENSAGENS", establishes the present instrument, called TERMS OF USE AND PRIVACY POLICY, whose conditions and clauses the Client, agrees and agrees to submit.

The Platform collects the following personally identifiable information provided at the time of activation of the account: name, surname, email, telephone and password of your choice.

1.2 Personal information is provided upon completion of the form by the User before even hiring the service, being responsible for its correction and updating in its own environment.

1.3 The information provided will be used for communication, notification, SMS MENSAGENS being authorized to use them also for the SMS sending operation communicated news related to the Platform or notifications about low account balance.

1.4 SMS MENSAGENS will keep the records of access in secrecy in controlled and secure environment.

1.5 Only employees of SMS MENSAGENS may access the personal information of the User, whose disclosure to third parties will not be performed without prior authorization.

1.6 The Platform uses remarketing tools and primary Google Analytics cookies to enhance the user experience with our content. Google, in turn, has its own terms of use and privacy policies.

All data entered in the Platform is confidential and protected by encryption.

In order to enjoy the WhatsApp service offered by SMS Mensagens, the User must ensure a continuous and fast connection to the Internet. You are solely responsible for obtaining and paying for your Internet connection, which will allow you to enjoy the platform (WhatsApp Service). The User acknowledges that the quality of the Internet connection depends, among other factors, on the Internet service provider and the Internet infrastructure provider, on the volume of other uses that the customer makes in the band available at each moment and also on the quality of the Internet connector equipment in your possession. SMS MENSAGENS is not responsible for any display failures and/or problems attributed to a defective, interrupted or slow Internet connection or problems attributed to the User's hardware (PC, notebook, tablet, etc.).


4.1 Payment is in prepaid mode. After creating the account the User can choose how much to buy credits in their own environment, with a minimum value of $10. The buys will not have an expiration date and will cost $0.02 for each SMS sent and/or received. Check prices for sending in other countries at Note: When the balance is depleted, new credits will not be added automatically, so it is up to the User to pay attention to the balance of his account, in any case the User will be notified via SMS when the balance is low.

4.2 The means of payment available are bank transfer (App VENMO OR ZELLE) or PayPal.

4.3 If the User account is inoperative (no new SMS) for a consecutive period of 6 (six) months, regardless of whether or not they have credits in their environment, the account will be permanently deleted and if there are credits, the User will not be entitled to a refund. All account data will also be automatically deleted to ensure your security and privacy.

4.4 The purchase of credit by PayPal will entail the automatic inclusion of the credits acquired.

4.5 The purchase of credit via bank transfer will depend on the sending of the voucher for prior conference before the credits are made available in the User's area.

4.6 For campaign submissions within the United States and Canada (SMS and MMS), you will need to purchase a dedicated virtual number, this number can be purchased for the monthly cost of $2 (two dollars). You will not be required to renew your subscription if you are no longer interested in maintaining our services.


5.1 The purchase of credits on the Platform is simple and quick, the User specifies how much they want to buy, minimum of $10, and after the payment authorization has been made by PayPal, the credits will be automatically loaded in the environment of User (credits never expires).

5.2 For credit purchases that have no expiration date (see item 4), the credits will be kept in the user's environment as long as the account remains operational, the accounts inoperative for the consecutive period of 6 (six) months will be automatically deleted as detailed in item 4.3.

The discount coupon delivered by SMS Mensagens and its partners may be used only once (1) and limited to a single User (ID), it is non-transferable and non-cumulative. The discount coupon has a maximum validity of 1 (one) month.


7.1 Access will be granted immediately after registration in the Platform, access data will be sent via E-mail.

7.2 The User has access 24 hours a day, 7 (seven) days a week to the platform while it is independent of having credits in its account or not.


8.1 It is prohibited the use of the Platform for the publication, creation, storage and/or dissemination of abusive content, such as texts, photos and/or videos that are defamatory, discriminatory, obscene, offensive, threatening, abusive, contains expressions of hatred against persons or groups, or contains child pornography, explicit or violent pornography, content that may be harmful to minors, contains insults or religious or racial threats, or encourages moral (including bodily) harm and property damage, or that may violate any third party right.

8.2 In addition, the User agrees that, in using the Platform, will not:

a) Violate any rule contained in these Terms and Conditions of Use;
b) To practice falsehood, thus understood the falsity of information (i.e: deliberate and voluntary disclosure of information that the User knows to be false or that are notoriously false) and ideological falsehood;
c) Publish or transmit any abusive or offensive content in the comments;
d) Commit fraud;
e) Violate or infringe intellectual property rights, fiduciary or contractual rights, privacy rights or publicity of others;
f) Propagating, distributing or transmitting destructive codes, whether or not they have caused actual damages;
g) Collect personal or commercial data, including (but not limited to) email addresses and/or names of any Internet resource, whether managed by SMS Mensagens or by third parties, for commercial, political, welfare or other purposes , without the consent of the owners of such data;
h) Reproduce, replicate, copy, alter, modify, create derivative works from, sell or resell any of the services of SMS Mensagens or any part thereof, including websites and web pages, or information or data contained in SMS services Posts;
i) Transmit content that does not belong to the User or that he has no right to publish or distribute, whether under law or contract;
j) To access the Platform without authorization, by means of practices of "hacking", "password mining" or any other fraudulent means or that represents a violation to the right of third parties;
k) To carry out or encourage any illegal activities;
l) Fail to comply with any applicable laws, rules, rules, principles and regulations.

8.4 Violation of any of the rules set forth herein will result in the blocked access to the Platform, without prejudice to any potential losses and damages.

8.5 SMS Mensagens is not responsible for the content published through the system, and may remove the content from the Internet if verified violation of this term or third party right.

The Technical Support of the Platform will be given through a ticket opening through the User's area during business hours, tickets will be served within 24 hours from 8h am to 6h pm Monday through Friday (Los Angeles time zone). To open a ticket, you must be logged in within the Platform area.


10.1 By subscribing to SMS Mensagens, the customer is fully aware that the Platform may undergo periodic updates/improvements, and prior notices are not required before each update, unless we deem it necessary or relevant to the User.

10.2 Whenever there is a change to these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, the User will be notified by e-mail. After 7(seven) days of this communication, if there is no manifestation, the changes will be considered accepted.

10.3 If the customer does not accept the terms of use imposed above, the cancellation of the subscription can be requested through its own user area via ticket.